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Justin Brown is a bestselling author, TV and radio host. He wrote his first book when he was seven-years-old (complete with ISBN number and recommended retail price) but waited a few more decades to publish the travel memoir UK on a G-String. More adventures followed, including In Search of Swingers and Bowling Through India, the latter winning Whitcoulls Travel Book of the Year 2009. 

Having penned the successful Speak series, Justin began writing chapter books for kids and was surprised how much he enjoyed it. The Magic Carwash, Runawayland and the sporty adventures of Mike-Cool-As-You-Like have proved very popular in schools. His first junior novel ('Shot, Boom, Score' - Allen and Unwin) is out now. And don't forget The Dog That Ate The Bathroom, Justin's latest picture book for kids that'll give you a laugh.

Justin has published 25 books (five of which are bestsellers) and each weekday co-hosts The Hits nationwide drive show.

When he's not writing, Justin hangs out with his family, plays the ukulele, watches/ plays sport and tries to beat his old man at 'Words With Friends.'

In other news, my song 'Good Keen Metrosexual' has been picked to feature on an album called 'Kiwiana Goes Pop.' I've recently returned from Jakarta where I was an ambassador for a 'Books For Change' programme. You'll find more on my blog. If your school has books to donate, get in touch as the learning centres I visited would appreciate more! 


It's here - the story about Mr Nut, the dog with the dodgy appetite. Here's a likeable mutt who chews his way through small household items, like TV remotes, wedding rings and kids toys. One day, however, he decides to eat...the bathroom. I had such a positive response with this story at my daughter's school I decided to find an illustrator and get serious. The result is a book which adults seem to like just as much as kids. Here's the ebook version.


Hey, thanks for stopping by. Feel free to have a good look around. You can follow me on Twitter or head across to my blog which I update a little more regularly than the former. Or maybe you're after a copy of my latest novel for children, 'Shot Boom Score!' which I'm happy to say won an award recently. Click on the cover (top right) to find out more about the story. Here's the latest from our radio show on The Hits.



I'm happy to announce that along with Bowling Through India, my other two travel books - UK on a G-String and In Search of Swingers can now be read online. So get cracking, download and enjoy.


'Shot, Boom, Score!' - the novel I've been working on with Allen and Unwin is out now. It tells the tale of Toby Gilligan-Flannigan, a boy who hates his name but loves his sport, the latter of which played a major role in my childhood. So did rewards for doing well. I only have to look at my daughter's face when she wins player of the day. From the sideline I've also witnessed bribery is alive and well. 'Max, pie for a try!' 'Olivia, movie ticket for a wicket!' With this novel I wanted to take this theme to a new level. When Toby's old man offers his son the ultimate prize in return for playing well, class bully Malcolm McGarvy does his utmost to ruin the party. Oh, and here's what happened recently when I accidentally met the main character from the novel. Here's an interview about the book in the NZ Woman's Weekly and another in the School Library Magazine. Finally, I thought Buzzwords Magazine magazine explained the plot superbly.


As far as I know, the recipe for pavlova has never been put to song. Maybe I would make the dish more if I knew the recipe. With thanks to Jordan Luck, such a song has seen the light of day. Respect.


Writing non-fiction for adults is a hell of a lot of fun (you can swear for a start) but as of late I've been working on a short chapter book series called 'The Fireboys.' It all came about whilst playing tennis one day and a bunch of firemen were on the next court. Next minute their siren rang and they had to leave. I thought - what a hassle. Then again, I guess people have to be saved. There are three books in the series.

Rugby Speak (2011 edition) is out now. It follows on from the success of the first book, though this time I've included sayings from South Africa, Australia, Argentina, Japan - even France. And not to forget Maori - part of the 'Local Lingo' chapter. The Clean Slate Press series (with Joy Cowley as editor) is also out. You can see the latest titles here. I have nine in the series. 

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